Kenshokan Spring Fling

Danzan Ryu Ohana, Lets join together in fellowship for KSK's, AJJF Region 2 tournament.

We will have Kata, Randori and Sumo contests at the Warner Center Chamber of Commerce. Links to the Rules and Kata Requirements are be available below.
We will have over 6000 sq feet of space to compete and come together. Let's get the entire region on board! Any questions? Please contact Sensei Gregory. To cover costs we will be holding an awesome raffle and having food and snacks available.

This is an AJJF sanctioned event. AJJF Membership is required, temporary membership will be available on site.

As always, no one will be turned away due to financial issues. Please contact Sensei Gregory directly. 818-347-3656

After you have paid please fill out the event registration form. This will help us run a smooth event.

Please use this form after paying. This form will help manage divisions and make the contest run smoothly.
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~~Event Descriptions ~~

Jujitsu Kata
 The Jujitsu Kata Contest shall be the cooperative effort of a pair of individuals who pre-select jujitsu techniques and who attempt to demonstrate the maximum aesthetic and utility value of an art based upon efficiency of momentum, quality of style, and effectiveness.

This is a youth favorite, (adults too)! The object to push your partner out of the ring or cause them to fall. The simplicity of this contest makes it a perfect way of beginners to test their emargining skill. 

Danzan Ryu Randori
A dynamic reinterpretation of classical judo, with and emphasis on throwing and more time on the ground this is as exciting to watch as it is to spectate.

As we get closer to the event we will try to estimate a full event schedule. 
Please leave enough time in your schedule to enjoy the day with us. There will be lots to do and see.
Snacks will be available.
To keep this event free for spectators we are having a prize raffle. Please show your support. 

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May 20, 2018
Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Main Location
Event Prices:
$20.00 - Kata (Single Entry)
$20.00 - Randori
$20.00 - Sumo
$50.00 - All 3 Events
$40.00 - Any Two Events